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How We Select Suitable Joint Ventures

Every JV venture we consider is submitted to us by approved rehabbers thru their online accounts. Each JV venture proposal received is ranked and sorted against all others in our system. 

Highest consideration for funding is given to ventures which demonstrate the following:


  • The best overall terms and structure

  • Greatest projected yields over the shortest time frame

  • Highest level of experience and track record of the entrepreneur

  • Positive trending data and economic growth for the property’s location

General Criteria
  • A minimum of 50% participation in profits by Equity Street when 100% funding is requested.  Profit & equity participation by Equity Street can be lower, if less than 100% funding is requested.

  • Many property types funded.  See types.  

  • Up to 80% ARV (After Repair Value)

  • Term up to 24 months (exceptions can apply)

  • Amount up to $10 million

  • Fast two week closings

  • No points.  No Interest.  No Personal Guarantees

  • Brokers protected when registered & approved

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Once your're approved, you can submit properties for funding. You must be approved first for an Equity Street Premier account.