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Join Us As We Consolidate A Billion Dollar Market

Equity Street is positioned to take advantage of the substantial growth in the renovation market and capitalize on this multi-billion dollar industry.

Our market consists of thousands of experienced rehabbers who seek financing to purchase and renovate undervalued properties for resale. Experienced rehabbers can achieve double digit returns.  Equity Street provides these rehabbers with joint venture capital and in return, participates in the profits realized after these properties are upgraded to comparable market standards and resold.

Equity Street Can Validate & Manage...
We Can Create Custom Portfolios Based On Your Select Criteria

Equity Street offers accredited investors all the key points they seek in a customized, secured real estate fund tailored to each individual investor with online, real time transparency and accountability.

Our Market Is Substantial

Billions of dollars of properties are in need of repair throughout the U.S. These aging properties create opportunities for millions of rehabbers who compete annually to buy and renovate them into viable ventures.

Although this market is substantial with more aging properties being added annually, it is highly fragmented. It is mostly comprised of smaller residential properties throughout the 3,100 U.S. counties and dominated by a multitude of independent rehabbers with varying levels of expertise. The non-conformity of these transactions, how they originate, and the effort required to validate each one, along with their smaller transaction size over a large U.S geographic area have all been underlying obstacles for consolidation of this market.

Equity Street overcomes these obstacles with its patented system that allows it to consolidate a viable share of this market. Our system bridges the gap for accredited investors, removing the barriers of market fragmentation allowing them to participate in the attractive returns generated by our select rehabbers who are highly experienced and successful.

Trending Opportunities

We analyze a large number of counties within the US. Deciding which counties offer the greatest market potential requires analyzing a variety of specific indicators. We closely review and include foreclosure rates, market value, real estate sales, time on the market, REO properties, and a host of other data. At any given time within the US market there will be a number of counties in different stages of economic growth or decline. We compare those counties against each other so as to determine the highest ranking counties and the most favorable timeframe in which to purchase, hold and sell properties.


Built directly into our system is the ability to look at a national map, color coded and broken down county by county. Each color on the map represents a specific county with supporting economic data behind it. The colors on our map are in constant economic data changes for each county so do the colors.

When we uncover a county that has potential for investment, we then advance to the second stage which utilizes a team of experienced professionals that can include rehabbers, realtors, appraisers and others to further determine the most desirable locations to consider within a county. At this phase, specific neighborhoods, and even streets are identified. This two stage approach allows us to first utilize data to uncover markets and then utilize experienced professionals to locate desirable areas within those markets.

Ideally, when considering a county for investment, we are seeking those counties that have bottomed out economically and are poised for rebound. At other times, we are analyzing data to determine how long to continue holding or investing in a market. When economic data suggests that a market is becoming overheated, we make a determination to sell. The indicators and methods we utilize are not an exact science but are a fairly reliable gauge on how well or poorly a county is performing.

Our core business is funding real estate ventures that are short term in length. Focusing on short term investments that have predefined exit strategies allows us to better predict the exit conditions of local markets and avoid the potential uncertainties of long term projections.


By actively following markets in over 3,100 counties within the U.S, we achieve higher yields by entering those markets at the time when they are breaking out and trending upward. During the period when local markets are experiencing growth, we are active in the market while continuing to monitor economic indicators. We then exit those markets when our indicators suggest that the market is softening.

Each accredited investor under our system has their own separate fund with predefined criteria based upon that investor’s preference. Only those investments that match the fund’s criteria will be considered for that fund.


Additionally, each fund maintains a separate entity for which security instruments like trust deeds against the property are recorded under. This allows direct recorded security by the fund in all of its assets. At no time is capital from different accredited investors ever commingled together. Depending on the size of the accredited investor, multiple funds can be set up for each investor, with each fund having its own separate criteria of property types, transaction size and locations.

Depending upon the accredited investor’s criteria, diversification of investment can occur in favorable counties throughout the 3,100 counties in the U.S.


Diversification is further achieved by investment in different property types such as residential, commercial, land, etc. Within those categories, further subsets can be identified such as single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, etc.

Each accredited investor receives their own separate online account to Equity Street Premier. Under their account, an accredited investor can view all transactions associated with each of their separate funds.


Throughout the lifecycle of any property, the investor can view all activities associated with a given property. A complete account of all capital disbursed and received for each property is available online in real time. Other than some administrative functionality on Equity Street’s side, you see exactly what we see.

We built accountability directly into our system with Equity Street Premier. We want you to know exactly where your funds are invested at all times.


From the initial purchase of a property to the final construction draw and everything in between, you know exactly where your capital has been placed. Upon the resale of each property, statements are generated showing disbursements, revenues and profit splits. Consolidated reports can also be generated at the fund level.

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