Funding Without The Hassles
Our funding is designed simply as joint venture capital.  It's not a loan.  We're your joint venture partner.  With Equity Street, you have little to no costs invested so you can do a lot more fix & flips & substantially increase your ROI and bottom line.




It's not a loan so there's no interest charged for our JV capital.




Absolutely no points of any kind are charged.  You save big with this.




We think you can do without the monthly payments




Unlike a loan, we like it when the deal performs earlier than expected.




We treat our partners equally & don't require personal guarantees

No Comparison

We're not a banker or a hard money lender.  We’re a private investor just like you.

We partner with you and provide joint venture capital, participating with you in the profits.

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100% Funding...We've Got You Covered

We offer up to 100% funding towards the purchase and renovation of investment properties. 


Additionally, for our preferred real estate investors and their qualified investments, we offer 100% funding of closing costs.

We Have Funding For Many Types of Real Estate Ventures

Equity Street provides joint venture capital for both the purchase and renovation of under performing properties that can demonstrate value added upside.  Whether your project is for the renovation of just a single property or the new development of a project from the ground up, our joint venture capital can accommodate your needs.  


Can Equity Street provide me with a loan instead of joint venture capital?

Equity Street does not act as a lender in any capacity nor does it provide or broker loans. It only provides JV capital for real estate ventures in exchange for a return on its investment.


What profit participation level does Equity Street require?

When Equity Street funds 100% of the JV capital, including all acquisition and renovation costs, our minimum participation in the profits is 50%.  Other profit split arrangements are negotiable based on the amount of JV capital funded.

Why does Equity Street work only with experienced real estate entrepreneurs?

We view the experience and reputation of each one of our clients as equally important as the investment itself. When utilizing our JV capital, our clients are responsible for the project management and performance of the investment. As our clients play an important role in the success of each investment, the experience and qualifications of each client is crucial.

Will Equity Street consider multiple investments from the same client?

Yes. Equity Street prefers to establish relationships with those prospective clients who are able to demonstrate performance and consistently deliver quality investments.

How Fast Can Equity Street Fund A Real Estate Venture

Equity Street operates nationally and receives funding requests from all over the U.S. Because we are a national provider of JV capital, Equity Street utilizes and relies upon a broad network of third party vendors and resources to validate investments and requires a minimum of 14 days to close.

For Questions About Our Investment Criteria, View Our Criteria Page.

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