Capitalizing On Market Cycles

Within the U.S. there are 3,142 counties.  We follow each and every one of them.  We collect and analyze large amounts of economic data on all 3,142 counties every month and select those counties with the highest growth potential to invest in.  Evaluating markets is our top priority and is the first item of business before we consider any investment.  To facilitate our market evaluation, we utilize our proprietary software platform called Equity Street Premier which provides us with the unique ability to select and analyze counties that are poised for growth.  With Equity Street Premier, we can sort and rank all counties and determine the most favorable market for investment.  In addition to sorting and ranking markets, we can also simultaneously rank and sort investments within any given market along with track records of applicants submitting those investments to determine the most favorable market, investment and applicant to joint venture with.


With the sheer number of counties, investments and applicants to consider from all over the U.S., Equity Street has a unique advantage for growth and capital preservation.

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