Our Vision For Joint Venture Capital

We see our joint venture capital as the preferred alternative for financing real estate ventures in a world constrained with limited financing options for real estate entrepreneurs.  The value added real estate ventures sought out by experienced real estate entrepreneurs often requires a unique vision and understanding in order to reach a desired outcome.  Aligning the goals of the entrepreneur with that of a lender are oftentimes challenging.  That's because they both have competing interests.  The entrepreneur is concerned with maximizing profits and reducing loan costs, interest, points and penalties while the lender is focused on preserving these values.


As Equity Street is a joint venture partner and not a lender, its interest and vision is more closely aligned with that of the entrepreneur.  Our goal is preserving equity and maximizing yield in a project rather than maximizing loan to value or originating fees and points.  As an investor and a partner, Equity Street also looks at the risk/reward of a venture a little differently than a lender.  Our focus is on the viability, yield and security of your project and how an investment and its market competes with other investments and markets for our capital.  

We also stay with you in the project all the way thru to completion, unlike a lender who may package and sell their underlying note after its created.  As today's lending environment becomes ever more standardized and filled with increasing regulations, our vision is to offer joint venture capital that focuses on meeting the investment criteria of both the entrepreneur and Equity Street.

Give us a try.  We think you'll agree that our joint venture capital is better suited to your value added investing.

Joint Venture Capital...It's How Deals Get Funded

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