Realtors...Drive Your Sales Higher By Joining Equity Street 

Equity Street is committed to working with experienced realtors across the U.S.  Our preferred realtors provide valuable services and are an integral part of our business.  Our business platform provides you with the tools you need to efficiently work with your rehabber clients and increase your sales volume.  Throughout the life cycle of each real estate venture, our preferred realtors are actively involved in assisting with each of their client's property and listing properties as they come to market.

Increase Your Advantage
Preferred Realtor Functions

As a preferred realtor, you receive membership into Equity Street Premier, our online platform where you can collaborate with your team of rehabbers, providing the following services:


We rely on broker price opinions in order to expedite our closings.  Once a property has been renovated, it will be listed for sale in the amount of the BPO.  The same realtor who completes a BPO is also the same realtor who will list the property for sale. Sales that occur at or above the BPO price provide realtors with a higher ranking within our system.



Our preferred realtors also assist us in the review and validation of properties we fund. 



After purchase, realtors track and monitor the completion of construction progress, visiting the site and providing comments on construction progress.



We value the opinion of our preferred realtors and encourage their review of proposed site improvements and seek their recommendations.



Our objective is to work with the same realtor on every property from start to finish.  Realtors who provide the above services are also called upon to list those properties and follow thru with their sale recommendations and pricing.

If you’re a realtor who has superior knowledge of your local market and can demonstrate leadership, integrity and a high level of service commitment, we invite you to join Equity Street today.